frequently asked questions

Price range

We picked our designers very carefully and purposely chose to work with designers who have broad range of price points. The reason for this was to help as many brides as possible find their dream wedding dress. The dresses in our studio start from £750 and go up to £3200. If you'd like to know more about prices for particular designers, you can find the starting prices at the top of each designer's page on our website.

Dress sizes

Again, to ensure we can help as many brides as possible find a wedding dress that they love, we work with designers who can offer a great range of sizes. Our wedding gowns can be ordered up to a UK size 26. The samples gowns in the studio range from a UK size 12 up to a UK size 18. We can use dress clamps and place them in a way that helps you feel your best in our samples.

When to start shopping

It's never too early to start the exciting process of wedding dress shopping, especially if you just can't wait! However, if you'd like to take a little time to enjoy the engagement bubble, we would recommend beginning to look for your dress around 9-12 months before your wedding. This will allow you plenty of time for alterations and allows you to enjoy the process without feeling too rushed.

If you are on a tighter timeline, don't panic! Some of our designers have a lead time of as little as four months. Most designers also offer rush orders as an option. Reach out to chat to us and we'll to see if there is anything we can do to help find the perfect wedding dress.

How to prep for an appointment

We want you to feel your best during your appointment so are happy for you to wear makeup when trying on our dresses. However, we do ask that fake tan is kept to a minimum and if you are wearing any, that is has been well rinsed off. Please avoid instant tan. We want to keep our sample dresses fresh, clean and beautiful for future brides.

We also recommend that you wear comfortable underwear that is white or nude. Most of our dresses have enough structure that a bra isn't necessary but if you prefer to wear one, a strapless bra is a good idea. You may also want to bring a pair of shoes with you. If you plan on wearing heels on your wedding day, bring a pair with a heel height similar to what you plan to wear.


Although we do not offer alterations in house, we are happy to recommend some excellent seamstresses to you. It is very common for the majority of brides to need some sort of alteration to their dress. Whether it is a change the length or adjusting the straps, it is key to find a seamstress you can work with to make your vision a reality.

Taking pictures

Trying on wedding dresses is a big part of the planning process and one you will want to look back on, so we are more than happy for you to take pictures. Everyone has had a 'that's a terrible picture of me' moment so try to remember that not all pictures taken on a phone will give a true reflection of how you look. Bear this in mind if you're using the pictures to help you narrow down your dress choices.

Who to bring

No one loves trying on dresses more than us, but remember that too many opinions can be very overwhelming. We recommend you bring only your closest friends and family to your appointment. Hearing opinions from those you truly trust will make all the difference when picking such a special dress. Our studio is purposely small to allow you an intimate 1:1 experience, so we have room for you and up to four guests.

what happens when you say yes to the dress

If you fall in love with a dress while in our studio there are a few things that will happen. Firstly and most importantly, we will give you a few minutes with your family and friends to celebrate, look at the dress, take a few pictures etc! We will then begin taking your measurements to make sure your perfect dress arrives in the size that is just right you. After you have had your measurements we will take a 50% deposit for the gown on the day you say yes.

Down the line, we will be in touch to organise a collection appointment and this is when we take the rest of the payment. When return for your collection appointment, you will try on your wedding dress again and then you're free to take your dress with you to be altered.