Buying your bridesmaids dresses at Emily Edith Bridal

Here are 5 reasons to buy your bridesmaids dresses at Emily Edith Bridal.

Emily Edith Bridal

1/10/20241 min read

From affordable prices to endless colours and styles, there are so many reasons to come and try the Jacqueline Louise multi-way dresses at Emily Edith Bridal. Here are just 5 of them!


The multiway bridesmaids dresses, designed by Jacqueline Louise, have endless styling options, meaning each bridesmaid can choose a style that suits them perfectly. This makes them the perfect option to help make sure that all of your bridesmaids are 100% comfortable on your big day.


Planning a wedding can be an expensive time for couples, but choosing your bridesmaids dresses doesn't need to add to that expense. A huge plus of the Jacqueline Louise multiway is the fantastic and highly affordable price tag. These dresses start at just £80!

Colour Options

There are almost 30 colours to choose from, meaning there will be a colour to suit every bridal party, no matter what the season or wedding theme may be. Even better, there is the possibility to mix and match the dress colours, giving your bridal party a unique look.

Step by Step Instructions

When you purchase your dresses from Emily Edith Bridal, we will spend time with your bridesmaids, showing them how to wrap the dresses perfectly. This will ensure they are completely comfortable wrapping the dresses, meaning a stress-free wedding morning for you.

Matching accessories

Jacqueline Louise also offer accessories that will perfectly match the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, tying everything together for your big day. This includes; ties, bowties, pocket squares and cufflinks for your groomsmen and a sash to add to flower girl dresses.

The Jacqueline Louise multiway will make the perfect addition to any wedding. We'd love to see you and your girls at Emily Edith Bridal to try these fantastic dresses.

Emily Edith Bridal x